Doug Loves Movies
Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!





July 2015
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Live from the Traverse City Film Festival, Doug welcomes Jeff Garlin, Geoff Tate and Jesse Pasternack to the show.

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Live from the NerdMelt Showroom in LA, Doug welcomes Joe Lo Truglio, Keith Powell and Jake Johannsen to the show.

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Live from the Pemberton Music Festival in Pemberton, BC, Doug welcomes comedians Nick Offerman, Harland Williams and T.J. Miller to the show.

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Doug welcomes David Huntsberger, Wyatt Cenac, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker to the show.

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Live from the Improv in Pittsburgh, Doug welcomes Doogie Horner, Aaron Kleiber and Joe Pettis to the show.

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Live from The American Comedy Company in San Diego, Doug welcomes fan favorites "Mark Wahlberg," Graham Elwood and Geoff Tate to the show.

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Live from the Tempe Improv in Tempe, Arizona, Doug welcomes comedians Shane Mauss, April Macie and Geoff Tate to the show.

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Doug welcomes actor Michael Sheen, comedian Jonah Ray and filmmaker Brett Morgen to the show.

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Live from the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, Doug welcomes Michelle Biloon, Doogie Horner and Nick McIlwain to the show.

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Live from the Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR, Doug welcomes Geoff Tate, Amy Miller and Sean Jordan to the show.

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